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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you notify other people too?
Can you notify other people too?

Absolutely. You can set the recipient of each notification, time of day, and method of delivery individually. We actually highly recommend you setup alternate contact methods such as a different cell, your land line, spouses cell as well as emergency contacts to make sure you don’t miss a test. Please talk to these people in advance and make sure they agree to receive them. If they block our number or report as spam, messages will not get delivered.

In what ways can I be notified?

Each recipient can be contacted by text, phone call, or email. Our progressive notification will send you multiple messages until confirmed to ensure you know whether or not you need to test that day. Once you confirm receipt, further notifications stop.

Can PDANS handle more than one color/test group?

Yes. PDANS will allow you to subscribe to one or more colors or test groups. If any one of your colors is picked on a given day, you will get a message that you must report along with which of your colors/groups was picked.

Do I have to confirm? What happens if I don't or forget?

No. Confirmation is purely optional. The advantage to confirming is to stop further notifications and also have a record that you knew that you did not have to test. We maintain records that can be ordered if proof is needed by the court.

I don't want to receive notifications anymore. How do I stop them?

You can temporality stop notifications by checking the Inactive checkbox in your Profile. This will leave all contacts and colors in place. When you want notifications to start again, change your status back to active status. This is preferred to deleting all your colors and contacts because you would have to manually reenter to reactivate.

If I stop notifications, will I get a refund?

No. Our policy is no refunds after your 30 day free trial period ends.

The Court changed my colors. How do I change it?

At any time, you can login via our portal and change your colors/groups.

Never Miss A Test… Have No Worries

Know Each Day if You MUST TEST or NOT

How It Works

The main objective is to positively notify subscribers, taking the guesswork out of the testing process and therefore reducing bond and probation violations. 

  • The PDANS engine manages daily notifications to inform you if you need to test or not
  • PDANS does not require a smart phone, computer, or app on your phone. We use standard text messaging (SMS), emails, voice calls, and deliver direct to the subscriber’s home, office, cell phone, or email
  • If you must report to test, and have not confirmed, the system will call you at your designated phone number to further notify you
  • As last resort, the system will make a telephone to a designated alternate contact. This could include a spouse, family members, friends, employers, or anyone designated by you
  • At each stage, each individual message is given ample time to be confirmed and marked as received. Doing so stops all further notifications and records who confirmed, when, and how
  • The confirmation is either by pressing a key on your phone or clicking on an email link


$5 / month

Daily notifications service

Know every day if you must test or not


Reliability factor greater than 99.9%

Daily alerts by text, email, & phone , or confirm by web or phone any time.

Worry Free

Never miss a test!

No guesswork, no stress, no worry notification system

We contact you every day!