Powered by PDANS:

A Progressive Drug and Alcohol Test Notification Service

Supporting Court Ordered Random Drug and Alcohol Testing


The advantages of this notification system are mutual for the courts and testing agencies. Combined, we offer a better tool for notifications, better compliance and records management, and better communications at no cost to courts and test agencies.
  • Subscribers notified via multiple methods to ensure delivery, increased compliance and eliminate guesswork
  • Fewer Show Cause hearings or Bond and Probation violations
  • Better documentation of testing requirements
  • Better communications between Test Centers and Subscribers
  • Test Centers benefit from direct referrals
  • Electronic records and reporting
  • Balanced daily schedules
  • Automatic random schedule generation
  • A means to report failed/missed tests
  • No cost to the Court or Testing Agency

Reliable, Efficient, and Scalable Technology

Proven Resource for Courts and Testing Agencies

Why Us

The main objective is to positively notify subscribers and therefore reduce bond and probation violations. Missed tests are costly to both the tester and the court. Thus, saving the court valuable time and resources. Simply put, increased compliance means better results.

  • No cost to the Court or Testing Agency
  • Improved communications between the Courts, Testing Agencies, and Subscribers
  • PDANS engine manages daily notifications to your testers positively informing them if they need to test or not

Integration & Security

PDANS serves as a central source for all notification data. Integrating with your existing system or as a new system to ensure successful drug and alcohol testing compliance.

  • No special hardware or App required
  • Data is private and secure and only accessible by authorized users


All confirmations, methods and times are documented electronically and can be retrieved on demand through our compliance reports.

  • Reports can be printed for a single day, month, or for only test days

The Alert Difference

What differentiates us is that we progressively send out daily alerts by text, email, and phone call until confirmed as received.